The Limitation of Human Logic Ability to Understand Everything

Capture Prof. Bermawy Munthe via ZOOM



Prof. explanation. Dr. Bermawy Munthe, a professor at UIN SUKA Yogyakarta, was a resource person in a seminar via zoom by the Quality Assurance Institute at IAIN Padangsidimpuan. has opened the eyes of the author in providing the most rational understanding in understanding a form (form) or also in the form of certain actions.

An image that is captured directly has proven that the process of logic or human reasoning in the beginning in understanding a certain condition, state, or thing begins with six aspects and stages. We need to explain that the various explanations in this paper are the result of the writer’s own understanding in describing what Prof. Bermawy Munthe conveyed in his seminar. So basically, this is the result of his own notes when he attended the seminar.

1. Remembering

Human reason in explaining what happens is basically a psychological or physical interaction with something. Humans re-mention or memorize what can be sensed. This can be in the form of data, facts, names, objects. In simple terms, understanding of conformity begins with Remembering, which means to remember.

To test this process can be understood in simple terms by answering a fundamental question from something that is often seen and implemented. For example, do you remember your grandfather’s name? What are the names of your parents? What’s the name of this thing? All these questions require answers to remember from a certain name, a particular event, or a particular event. Where later the human mind in this case is functioning to input data into the brain’s memory.

2. Understanding.

This memory will be stored in memory and then become a capital for logic to form an understanding. If it is briefly explained that the information entered will be processed into an understanding. The process of understanding or understanding is where someone explains in their own language about a definition, data, facts, names, or objects that have been stored in the memory of their brain. It is possible to understand this process of understanding the mind to be elaborated by answering the follow-up questions from the first Remembering process. what does your grandfather’s name mean? what does your parent’s name mean? what does the use of this name mean?

3. Applying

 This applying, if explained, is where the process of human reasoning uses the rules, formulas, theories, into a problem or understanding a certain event. For example, when someone knows the name of a parent and can understand the meaning behind the parent’s name according to their respective perspectives and according to their abilities, the brain will come up with a method, formulation, methodology, or conceptual formulation both theoretical and practical. This applying is basically where there is a process of human reason to arrange memory sequences in its memory. This in turn forms the input data or methodology. Perhaps this can be seen in the form of research methods.

4. Analyzing

Analyzing is a process where the human mind will process various elements according to the application of incoming information. Intellect will process this information, or data or event according to the application that is according to the built system. This process is basically going to collide, compare, see the implied or express side, and further analysis in logic in seeing the world and its various problems.

5. Evaluating

The level of evaluation in the human mind is a continuation of the level of understanding the various elements, elements, of a problem, the existence of cause and effect, and various other ways. Evaluating is a process where the mind will look back on the results and outputs of thinking.

6. Creating

When a process from the first stage to the fifth stage, it may keep repeating itself in this life. Sometimes because of the pressure of a situation, people will become more proficient in a certain field following what is usually their routine. So on his way or perhaps it is called as the demands of his life, he could be able to make, create, package, or created something never had before.


This article is the result of my personal understanding of attending the LPM seminar. So if some disagree and are not good enough, please provide input via the comments column below.