Photographer; How To Capture Moments in the Seminar Activities

Readers. This time the author wants to share experiences about how to become a photographer in seminar activities on campus. Conceptually, several things must be considered by a photographer in documenting a seminar activity. fundamental concepts must be understood by a photographer in taking pictures and capturing important moments in the entire agenda of activities.

This job does look easy and simple. but the reality on the ground is very difficult. For professional photographers, it looks easy as if it just flows and doesn’t make them look difficult.

So what are the basic concepts to produce images that are following what is needed?. This is where the author wants to explain this so that readers who are photographers who are said to be beginners can understand it. Although this article is far from perfect, at least it can help you.

Photographers must understand the concept of 5 W + 1 H

Perhaps the concept of 5 W + 1 H is the first thing that must be in the mind of a photographer. This photography work must be realized that we tell stories through photos. This is the fundamental purpose of the photo that it is not just a photo but has a lot of meaning. A photographer should have at least a question and answer in his head that what moment is needed in this documentation. Who should I photograph first, second, third, and so on? This is a basic trick for developing yourself and experimenting with your abilities. If you don’t have this 5 W + 1 H logic, a photographer will have a hard time photographing the existing situation and atmosphere. What happens later is only the photo according to the photographer’s wishes. In fact, in an activity, in this case, SEMINAR, photos are evidence and stories that are more real than news explanations on reports from journalists who cover them. So basically the logic in determining the best shots is the ability to apply the 5 W + 1H concept for a photographer.

Photographers must be able to map the circumstances and places to take pictures

Maybe, beginners in this photographer profession when brought to the field or seminar room will have difficulty, the question arises where should I start and where do I stand to take photos. For beginners, this is very difficult to understand, because it determines the professional level of a photographer. To avoid the dilemma of understanding the atmosphere of the seminar, the photographer must be able to map out his foothold anywhere. Look at the entire room and the invitees, pay attention to where they are, and please predict what kind of event will be.

Thankfully, a photographer was also informed by the organizing committee for the seminar, so that he could see the sequence of events. When talking about seminars, the author suggests that there are several formats of places that must be seen, First, the Stage or Stage that is already available, where local officials sit at the seminar, seating for guests, and a podium or table (usually) on the podium. The tips are indeed when you see that, don’t forget to try to measure in your heart, adjust to the quality of the camera, you will stand politely in this position, this must be seen carefully.

Photographers must be sensitive to changes in the schedule or arrangement of events

As a photographer, he should be able to ask if he can, the arrangement the event for the committee, especially if a seminar is where the photographer is collaborating or in the committee’s work as the documentation section of the committee. It must be understood that every schedule is easier for photographers to choose and place themselves to take pictures.

Changes in seminar events usually occur at the opening moment. Don’t panic, this is a common thing, what you have to pay attention to is where the photographer stands and waits for the right moment to take. Indeed, sometimes what is quite annoying is that there is no suitable expression to be publishable from the appearance of the person being drawn. For example, there is someone who has to be photographed in giving a speech at the opening of the seminar, but his facial expressions always appear that are unsightly, this is the trouble, we cannot instruct ourselves to be according to our expectations in taking pictures. But this requires us that this shot is waiting for the right moment, for example, we want him to smile lightly then wait, then snap.

Photographers must be aware of who will be told based on the picture
There are things that a photographer needs to understand in choosing which moments to capture. If you see this, then the question is who does he work with, if the photographer works with the committee, meaning that the committee is his partner, the photo must be following the committee’s agreement. If indeed you are the photographer. The author would like to say this:

“The photographer snapped a moment because of his creativity in fulfilling the demands of his work. Work following the demands of their partners in carrying out activities, says the committee, if this is the case usually they will be asked to capture the moment from the beginning of the activity to the end of the activity.”

If indeed the photographer is following or working as a public relations officer from an official who is invited to the seminar, then it is appropriate that he must take a photo according to his leadership’s need for publication. So usually if he only attends and there is no working relationship with the committee, he (the photographer) should focus on the leadership he is assisting in capturing moments related to his leadership. Unlike those of the committee photographers who have to be ready to take pictures from the beginning to the end of the activity.

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