A Contemplation of Wise Parents Vs Ordinary Parents

How are you all parents … !!. Today I want to share information from a post circulating on social media. This is of great importance to our parents. The children for whom we are responsible require us to be wise parents or just ordinary parents. Through this message, the author wants to share an article and views on the differences between a wise parent versus an ordinary parent. This information may lead us to a question of whether we have been wise parents or ordinary parents.

1. Wise parents discover the uniqueness of their children, while parents usually compare their children to others.

Often when they were children, parents sometimes compared their children to other people. This may be an expression of a parent’s disappointment with his child. Parents sometimes expect their children to meet their expectations and desires. For example, children are expected to continue the family business and become entrepreneurs. However, children want to be different from their parents. He wants to be a doctor for example. Parents then advise him by providing comparisons with other entrepreneurs’ children. This is an irony for children because these professions are two different things. The potential of a child with a social spirit to help in the humanitarian field is different from the potential in the field of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. This makes children sometimes not in line with parents’ thoughts.

2. Wise parents teach children from mistakes, while parents usually punish children for mistakes.

Punishment is natural according to the level. After all, punishment is an effort to educate children so that they do not know and realize their mistakes. It should be noted that this must be accompanied by wise actions by teaching that children must learn from mistakes. This is where the role of parents in educating children personally with parental wisdom. Parents must be able to direct their children to goodness in wise ways.

3. Parents help children to find and find their dreams, while parents usually impose views and desires on children

Different views and different ways of life with that child is something that requires parents to have an understanding of attitude. This means that parents must have an open view to listen to their children’s dreams or opinions. In this case, parents are required to provide appropriate input and direction so that children do not regret their decision.

4. Wise parents allow children to explore their world, while parents usually provide assistance when their children experience difficulties.

Often parents feel worried about their child’s difficulties. This is the instinct of loving parenting. Until sometimes parents voluntarily provide assistance to their children. However, psychologically once or twice is fine as long as it does not spoil the child and makes parents as their lap by forgetting to be independent. Parents should be wise in providing opportunities for children to explore their lives so that they feel difficulties and happiness when they can get out of these difficulties independently. So the role of a wise parent is to provide supervision and wise advice in overcoming the child’s difficulties. Ordinary parents do not do this but immediately step in and are not wise in reacting to it.

5. Wise parents give examples to their children while ordinary parents only give rules for children to obey.

Parents should be role models for their children. As previously discussed, parents provide supervision for children, so in this case, the monitoring carried out by parents is by exemplary methods. Wise parents do not also leave their children alone but tend to give wise advice so that children are not far from religious teachings, cultural customs, norms, and government regulations. Wise parents are not always bound by strict rules in worldly matters but are very strict with spiritual matters. Because the last day problem is a rule from Allah SWT, not a parental rule.


That’s all the writing this time. Hopefully, this article can be useful even though in fact all of them are basic concepts where parents must be able to turn into wise individuals.

If there are other opinions in the article, please provide comments below to be able to discuss them. May we all become wise individuals. Don’t forget to share with others too. thanks.

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