10 Advice When Experiencing Difficulties in Life

In this life, humans are always faced with various challenges and difficulties in life. We really want to achieve success, but we must be brave in facing trials and obstacles to achieve it. Because life is a test to determine what kind of human we become and what we become. Through this paper, the writer can hope for various ways and thoughts in dealing with various difficulties in life.

1. Your not alone in sadness

You are not alone (much harder than you). an expression for those of you who are sad and suffering somewhere. Try to get out of your place, take a look at the world, neighbors, society, and nature around you. Open your mind about sadness and. Try to think for a moment that you are not alone in grief, many other people may have the same fate as you. Note, don’t always feel the hardest self in this world.

2. There must be wisdom

Everything that happens in our life is a blessing. Everything that happens to you will give something more meaningful to your life. but sometimes the wisdom does not come when we want it, this wisdom will be present if we open our hearts and minds with gratitude to Allah SWT.

3. Always believe and hope

As His servants, we must believe with complete confidence that there will be hope for the various trials He gives. Believing there will be wisdom behind the ordeal we experience, and vice versa there will also be trials behind the happiness we have. So the formula is hope and believes in Allah SWT, hang your hopes well.

4. Your gift will definitely be yours

Rezki is not going anywhere. He will always be with you until you die. A gift, for example, if indeed it is good fortune as given by Allah, whatever the nets will arrive in your hands. Angels delivering good fortune or introducing cursing or introducing trials will not be wrongly addressed.

5. See how the world works

Know the nature of the world, the world you are in, the nature around you, the people around you, your feelings, even you have to be able to recognize your own thoughts, God willing, you will be calm. Remember, friends, friends, all of you, readers, for you believers, that this world is not a place of true pleasure. This world is a field of charity or in other languages ​​is a place to work, strive, commit, and pursue everything as the level of servants. So recognize your duties and responsibilities as a servant of the Almighty, so that there are charities or work results that can be proof of our servitude to Him.

6. You are not an enemy of God

Be prejudiced to Allah’s Rabb’mu. Allah has never hated you, let alone abandoned you. Remember his words “Your God has not abandoned you (Muhammad) and does not (also) hate you”. (Surah Adh-Dhuhaa: 3). If you are not the enemy of God, nor are you someone who despair and abuse yourself.

7. God chooses the best for you

What Allah has chosen for you is better than your choice for yourself. The person who is tested for the problem is His Special, Look at the prophets, the Apostles, the martyrs, the scholars, the shalihin, the people who are successful in their world. They are not free from insults, insults, insults, conspiracies, and even injustice from others towards them. This is a sign that this something was chosen by Allah SWT among the many trails that exist according to the level of the ability of the servant. Now for those who are patient, wisdom will emerge, new awareness will emerge, or vice versa. The point is if you are patient, heaven awaits.

8. Behind the troubles there is a convenience

The more difficult the exam means the closer the exit is. Remember that behind that difficulty there is ease, and behind that convenience, there is the difficulty. Maybe can you need to read about the Quran in Surah Al-Insyirah: 5-6 can be an important memory in facing difficulties. This is Allah’s promise to patient servants. Patience in carrying out His orders, patience as well as staying away from His prohibitions, or perhaps Patience in facing a problem according to the instructions in the Al-Quran, Hadith, or the sunnah of Rasulullah Swt or also according to Islamic Sharia law.

9. Allah always prepares a solution

Allah the Most Rahman and Rahim do not always let his godly servants always be in trouble without any direction. He is the One who is always watching you and hearing your prayers. For that, do not give up on His grace. All difficulties must have a way to ease. Now the question is whether you always look at the manuals He gives, do you always consult His messengers who are the pillars of life. For that, O friends, friends, and all the key is to open the eyes of the heart to learn and be obedient to Allah SWT. Didn’t He the Almighty Essence say that a pious person will find a way out of his or her difficulties in a way that cannot be calculated or in an extraordinary way. Let us open QS. Ath-Thalaq: 2-3.

10. Do not stop praying and trusting

If there is a guarantee with piety it will ease the problem. So your duty as a servant is not to stop working, stop thinking, stop learning, stop believing, and don’t forget to pray to Him who is All-Hearing and Lord of All Worlds Rabb. Remember his word that calls on the believers to ask for help by praying and being patient. Remember in QS. Al-Baqarah: 153.


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